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The only Certified Organic
Gluten Free Oat Mill in Ireland

As seen on
Ear to the Ground
The Merry Mill Boost your immune system with our live oats

We produce organic gluten free porridge and oat flour.
Our oats are slowly rolled in a stone ground mill.

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    Irish Organic Gluten Free
    Oat Flour

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    Oat flour is porridge in refined form, therefore contains all of the same health benefits.

    A ratio of 20% oat flour to any other flour in a recipe, will have huge benefits for your digestive system.

    It may seem like ordinary flour but it consists of so much more.

    Cooking Suggestions
    Porridge pancakes
    Lemon drizzle cake
    Ideal for adding to any other flour for bread making.
    Thickening sauces and soups

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    Irish Organic Gluten Free Porridge

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    Our Organic gluten free porridge is not precooked. It is slowly rolled in stone ground mill. That means all of the natural nutrients are intact and happy for you to eat them.

    Cooking suggestions
    Porridge bread

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