Eat Well and Be Well is the mantra that the Scully family live by and it was this philosophy that inspired Kevin and Jenny to produce premium organic, gluten free products on their family farm. They work in harmony with nature contributing to a chemical free ecosystem. These products not only feed the body and nourish the soul but are sustainable, amazingly tasty and best of all have no negative impact on the environment.

The Merry Mill is playing their role in the food revolution that is happening in Ireland, the Scully family are passionate about quality, authenticity and are proud to do more than is expected. They are forging wonderful relationships with their customers, stockists and suppliers and use local talents to compliment the process from local bakers to potters.

The Merry Mill is paving the way for the future of farming and food producing in Ireland, demonstrating that excellence is key, less is more and that each person can make a big difference doing small things…we are all in this together.

The Scully family believe that health is the root of all happiness, good food is medicinal and when you do what you love and love what you do the future seems very bright. 

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