Coeliac Info

At The Merry Mill we don't like to exclude anyone. Two of our extended family members have been diagnosed with coeliacs disease in recent years so we understand the severity of the matter. It is NOT a fad.

Our products are prepared entirely on our home farm. We keep our own seed to grow each year. The fields are walked four times during the growing season to check for any rogue grains.


We have our own combine harvester to harvest, it is used on no other grain. The oats are milled in our micro-mill and we bag the oats by hand on site. This way we can ensure no other gluten containing grains contaminate the products. 

The gluten free standard in Ireland is 20 parts per million. Our oats test below 5 parts per million, this is the lowest a laboratory can test.

Oats are naturally gluten free. We have not removed anything from them. All we have done is prevented gluten from spoiling them.

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